Fine Art, Reproduction and Architectural Castings in Bronze

Welcome to Felix Campania & Sons, our aim is to create and provide artwork drawn and inspired by the rich history of work bestowed to us by generations of artist both past and present.

Using the traditional lost wax process, we are able to capture the original sculpture in all its detail and beauty. Then to enhance the sculpture we apply a variety of patinasĀ  to give the finish and effect you desire.

Our foundry bronzes range from the classical to Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Contemporary. They include figurative, animalier and more practical pieces and new works are constantly being developed to expand the range. All are designed and produced to provide artwork affordable to all.

If you are searching for something more exclusive, we have the privilege of casting for a number of artistsĀ  with styles ranging from figurative, expressionist and abstract through to symbolic. Most are limited editions providing that element of exclusivity.

From commercial sculpture and architectural fittings to one off works of art, we also accept commissions of all shapes and sizes and would be happy to discuss this with you directly.

Whether for the home or garden, we hope you find sculptures you will treasure for years to come.

Chelsea 14 pergola

Bronze Gallery

A broad selection of bronze sculptures for the home and garden. Here you will find figurative, animalier and more practical bronzes in a range of styles from classical all the way through to contemporary.

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A range of artists and their work.

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A taste of some of the work we have been commissioned to make, some of which is available, some of which may be exclusive to the customer

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