Approached to make a life size swan for someone's garden we start with several quick sketches to ascertain the style and look of the piece. In this instance it is decided to choose the sketch showing a swan about to take off from the water.

A maquette is then made to further develop the idea and to ensure the customer is happy with the look of the sculpture and any changes can be made and the sculpture approved before proceeding to make the full sized sculpture.

The full sized sculpture is then made and in this instance several photographs are sent to ensure the customer is happy before we start to make the bronze.

The time consuming business of moulding and then casting the sculpture proceeds until we have a complete bronze.

Finally the customer chooses the finish they would like on the bronze, the patina is applied and the swan delivered and placed in the garden as requested.


This swan, sculpted by Lyell, is now available  as a limited edition of nine.