Welcome to our range of animalier sculptures, you will find below a broad selection including dogs, cats, horses and wildlife. Some modelled from sculptures from the past, others are original with styles varying.

For further information on each one please click on the photograph.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

FC1148 Dachshund
FC1157 Pheasant
FC1211 Lioness Relaxing
FC1168 French Bulldog
FC1089 Running Horse
FC1087 Pacing Bull
FC1081 Rabbit
FC1084 Prancing Horse
FC1082 Wild Boar
FC1117 Trotting Horse
FC1195 Gundog Sitting
FC1187 Labrador
FC1166 Sandpiper
FC1158 Polo Player
FC1143 Pair Viszla
FC1210 King Charles
FC1191 Scottie
FC1167 Two Rabbits
FC1153 Birds on a Branch
FC1155 Panther Leaning on a Branch
FC1156 Owl
FC1141 Sitting Spaniel
FC1136 Showjumper
FC1154 Cockerel
FC1165 Steeplechasers
FC1209 Two Rats
FC1216 Schnauzer
FC1212 Alsatian
FC1206 Lion Roaring
FC1205 Two Horses
FC1213 Racing Greyhound
FC1173 Seal Bookends
FC1208 Small Cat
FC1198 Gundog & Hare
FC1178 Spaniel Lying
FC1199 Dachshund on Books
FC1079 Horse by a Fence
SA01 Bull's Head
FC1116 Mare & Foal
FC1146M Pointer
FC1107 Pair Setters
FC1118 Rhino Bookends
FC1119 Cheetah
FC1101 Highland Bull
FC1092 Great Dane & Snail
FC1100 Running Elephant
FC1091 Elephant Bookends
FC1145 Greyhound
FC1146 Pointer
FC1149 Bloodhound
FC1163 Terrier
FC1184 Pug
FC1197 Labrador Swimming
FC1175 Norfolk Terrier
FC1183 Pair Spaniels
FC1164 Horse Standing
FC1161 Eagle
FC1148 Dachshund Large
FC1152 Retriever Lying
FC1151 Seated Cat
FC1141 Group Spaniels
FC1144 Dog on Beanbag
FC1109 Toad & Stool
FC1106 Lion
FC1098 Leopard
FC1099 Whippet
FC1096 Derby Winner
FC1080 Heavy Horse
FC1095 Lioness
FC1095 Lion
FC1203 Bear Inkwell
FC1196 Pin Tray with Hounds
FC1190 Fox Pin Dish
FC1201 Bull Pin Dish
FC1200 Collie
FC1110 Girl & Pony
FC1150 Bulldog
FC1217 Doe
FC1218 Stag
FC1083 Sitting Dog
FC1145L Greyhound