We have a wide range of figurative sculpture available suitable for the home and garden. A variety of styles here from classical, Art Nouveau to more contemporary. All sculptures are available in a variety of finishes should you have a preference. For further information on each piece please click on the image.

FC1016 Athlete
FC1029 Colleone
FC1054S Demeter & Goat
FC1035 Boy and Goat
FC1019 Mandolin Player
FC1061 Young Diana
FC1129 Discus Thrower
FC1103 Les Roseaux
FC1102 Venus
FC1097 Arab Killing a Lion
FC1071 Beauty without Equal
FC1076 Harvest Dance
FC1075 Retour de Cueilleuses
FC1073 Return from Harvest
FC1074 A Secret Confidence
FC1064 Incroyable
FC1062 Masquerade
FC1066 A Future Artist
FC1086 Paolina
FC1028 Boys with a Ram
FC1030 Pair Cupids
FC1124 Boatman
FC1123 Skirt Pin Dish
FC1163 Cupid's Band
FC1067 Nymph
FC1078M Caesar
FC1070 Faun and Tortoise
FC1049 Vanity
FC1056 Three Boys Playing
FC1057 Defender
FC1046 Achilles
FC1085 Rebecca
FC1058 Harpist
FC1059 Zephyr
FC1038 Love's Secret
FC1072 Sharing the Well
FC1037 The Message
FC1041 Bacchantes
FC1045 Odysseus
FC1047 Lyre Player
FC1050 Genie de la Danse
FC1051 Violinist
FC1054 Demeter and Goat
FC1040 The Lovers
FC1055 Scipio
FC1029L Colleone
FC1078L Caesar
FC1026 Boy and Goose
FC1022 Cupid
FC1044 Salome
FC1036 Dancers