Not all bronzes need be purely artistic, it can also have uses as well as adding a decorative flourish.

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FC1010 Pair Candelabra
FC1015 Pair Candelabra
FC1005 Candlestick
FC1001 Candlestick
FC1002 Candlestick
FC1004 Candlestick
FC1003 Candlestick
FC1013 Vase
FC1031 Mirror Frame
FC1008 Chalice
FC1171 Paper Clip
FC1185 Ink Blotter
FC1186 Tape Dispenser
FC1193 Paper Knife
FC1192 Paper Knife
FC1196 Pin Tray
FC1190 Pin Tray
FC1201 Bull Pin Dish
FC1123 Pin Tray
FC1203 Inkwell
FC1207 Paperweight
FC1207 Paperweight
FC1173 Seal Bookends
FC1118 Rhino Bookends
FC1091 Elephant Bookends
FC1172 Paper Clip
FC1172 Paper Clip
FC1124 Pin Dish
FC1006 Vase
FC1034 Console/Fireplace
FC1122 Fountain
FC1018 Pair Torcheres
FC1018 Pair Torcheres